8 Tips for Fall Gardening

8 Tips for Fall Gardening

Fall is just around the corner, with it's 2021 arrival on September 22, according to The Farmer's Almanac.

Now is the perfect time to start making a list of tasks that need to be taken care of in your yard and garden before the frost and cooler weather appears. It is important to care for your garden as summer comes to an end, so you get the most out of what you planted this year.

Here are eight good tips to take note of in the coming weeks:

  1. Now is an ideal time to plant trees or shrubs. Planting now allows the roots of the new tree to get used to the surrounding soil. Take a look at our sister company’s blog (Earth Smart Property Solutions) for more tree planting tips. 
  2. If you are looking to enhance your lawn’s appearance, now is the optimal time to start grasses from seed.
  3. If you have any herbs in your garden, you can transplant them into pots to have them continue growing during the winter.
  4. Do you have perennials? If so, you can split them up and replant them in other areas around your yard.
  5. If you want tulips in your garden for next year, plant them now.
  6. Prior to the first frost, harvest any unripened tomatoes so they can turn red indoors.
  7. You can give your soil a boost by adding manure or our Restore – Natural Soil Builder product. Restore aids in building soil structure and provides a balanced supply of nutrients and trace elements in a form that is readily available to plants. Click here for more info on this product.
  8. “Save the seeds from your favorite self-pollinating flowers. Dry the seeds and store them in sealed containers for the winter.” (Source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac)

Be sure to enjoy the last days of summer before fall's arrival.


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