6 Smart Ways to be Eco-Friendly this Winter

6 Smart Ways to be Eco-Friendly this Winter

Winter will be soon upon us!

While winter and the arrival of the cooler temperatures has its positives such as enjoying the beauty of the winter white wonderland and winter sports such as skiing, skating and snowshoeing, the cooler temperatures also likely mean spending more time at home. 

Earth Smart Solutions prides itself on providing environmentally safe products while minimizing the footprint we create. 

Here are some ideas and tips to decrease your energy consumption and be more eco-friendly this winter.

1. Ceiling Fan

A super easy tip to increase your home’s energy efficiency this winter compliments of Just Energy is, if you have a ceiling fan, “Run your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction, which will pull the warm, heated air from the ceiling and recirculate it through your home, cutting your heating costs by about 10 percent. Simple and efficient!!” (Source: Just Energy)

2. Block Heater

If there is a cold snap and you need your vehicle to start the next morning, plug in your car’s block heater rather than turning on your automatic starter (for those who have one!). While both do use energy, the block heater has a lower impact on our environment than auto starting your car and having the engine run for 15 minutes. That is a long time for a car to idle not to mention all the emissions getting released into the atmosphere.

3. Furnace Air Filter

Be sure to change the air filter in your furnace regularly. In the winter your furnace is heating your home 24/7. “Filthy air filters can restrict airflow, making your units work harder and less effective.” (Source: Just Energy)

An efficiently running furnace will use less energy and cost you less money every month.

4. Dress Appropriately

Do you have some people in your household who are hot all the time and others who are cold? Rather than always cranking the furnace up or down, have the 'cold people' be sure to wear layers to insulate their body and appropriate warm clothing, including socks. By keeping your feet warm, by wearing thick socks or slippers, it will make your whole body feel warmer. Limit the number of times you crank your furnace up as best you can.

5. Board Games

Gather your family or friends together for an evening of board games, rather than playing video games on the TV. Board games don’t use electricity or increase the chance of eye strain so that’s a win-win.

6. Eco-Friendly Products

If you want to be more eco friendly year round, winter is a good time to research products. Consider purchasing concentrated formulations which you dilute prior to use. This cuts back on shipping and storage costs considerably, not to mention the number of plastic bottles it saves. Learn more about this in our blog, "Concentrated Formulations Save Money & Help the Environment".

For example our Odour Eliminator dilution ratio is 1 part Odour Eliminator to 30 parts water. Our Multipurpose Cleaner is diluted 1 part MultiPurpose Cleaner to 2 or 3 parts water and is perfect for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens without harsh, irritating chemicals. Plus it is safe for the drain and biodegradable! 

We hope this blog helps you become a little eco-friendlier this winter season and that you take the time to enjoy and appreciate all the good things winter has to offer.


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