A Matter of Bug Splatter: 3 Simple Steps for Washing your Vehicle

A Matter of Bug Splatter: 3 Simple Steps for Washing your Vehicle

Most of us have seen Disney's A Bug's Life, but have you seen the outtakes from the movie?  Funny!!  

It's almost autumn, however, and the bugs showing up on the front of your car are no laughing matter.  If you're driving anywhere over 2 mph, chances are that you've arrived at your destination, walked in front of your car to enter said destination, smelled burning -- well, stuff -- looked, and thought, or even exclaimed, "Disgusting!"  Worse yet, if you've tried to drive through the car wash to get them off, you've realized that those little critters have crusty corpses that don't readily come off.  

Bugs can be cute, but only in animated form.  The reality that many people don't realize is that bug splatter can actually eat through and remove paint if left undealt-with for too long!  Let us save you a trip to the body shop with these three simple, simple tips:

1.  Take a rag and saturate it in warm to hot water or in your wash solution.  If you're looking for an effective wash solution, check out our earth-friendly concentrated wash detergent: Vehicle Wash (ESVW)

2.  Place the wet rag on top of the dried bug splatter and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

3 a.  If your "affected area" is more than just a few bugs in a few square inches, use a larger cloth for your rag -- i.e., a bath towel.  Sature it and place over hood, bumper, and grill, or wherever you need the bugs removed.  

3 b. To speed up the process, apply some gentle pressure.  IMPORTANT: This is best accomplished while drinking something cold and while singing your favourite song - for your neighbours to hear.  WARNING: Do not attempt to drink your cold beverage and sing at the same time.  If you do, you'll hope your neighbours will have heard you singing so that they will also hear you choking so they will come to your rescue.

** The main idea is to use some type of bath or microfibre towel/cloth/chamois to trap and hold water onto the dried bug splatter in order to soften and re-liquify it so you can more easily remove it without causing damage to the delicate, scratch-sensitive clear coat finish.   

And that's the end of the bug splatter matter!