Wise Words on When to Water and When to Wait

Wise Words on When to Water and When to Wait

There are often as many "how to water your grass" theories as there are people.  While one of those theories could be the correct one, people often don't know how to discern the appropriate strategies for lawn watering from the inappropriate ones.  We found a video that will clear up potential misconceptions.  Take a look!  The main points are below:

1.  What you need: Water requirements, Water calculations, Rain barrels.  

2.  General Rule:  Water deeply and infrequently, one inch per week on average.  For your specific grass type, look it up!  Shallow, daily watering encourages weed growth, so only do this if you like weeds.  

3.  Once you know how much water your lawn requires, calculate how much water your lawn gets by measuring with tin cans throughout your watering area.  Determine how long it takes for one inch to collect in the cans.  

4.  Don't water your grass if an inch of rain of more is predicted that week. Some sprinkler systems have an inexpensive rain detection system that can be attached to the timer preventing the system from watering if rain is detected.  

5.  When to water: early morning.  Watering in the afternoon, in the heat of the day, means that much of your water is evaporating before it even hits the ground - wasteful.  At night when it's cool, the water will sit for too long and encourage the growth of fungi, etc.

6.  Check your soil type: If you have clay, you may need to water more often.  If you have sand, watering once per week may be enough.

7.  Use rain barrels so you can use the water during dry spells.  Rain water is always more beneficial to lawn and plants than other water.  

Happy watering and money saving!