Floundering with Fertilizer?

Floundering with Fertilizer?

"How come you're only watering half of your lawn?" a perplexed tourist asked a resident of a town he was visiting.  Confidently, the resident responded, "I just heard that there's a 50% chance of rain!"

Hardy har har, right?  In all seriousness, it is a sad, sad truth that many people are overwatering their grass.  Did you know that when a lawn is well-fertilized, it will be healthier and that thriving, well-fertilized grass doesn't require as much water?  

So why would anybody not fertilize?  Many people look at the price tag on the lawn fertilizer as a deterrent.  If this is the case, it's unlikely that these pocketbook-conscious people know that if they fertilize they will save on their water bill in the long run.  It's also unlikely that these same people realize that their lawn will only require two applications per year, particularly of a product that is as effective as ESLF (Earth Smart Natural Lawn Fertilizer), to ensure that their lawn is an above-average lawn.  To guarantee a luxurious, very high quality lawn, 3 or 4 applications may be preferred.  

When should lawn fertilizer be applied for optimal results?  Great question!  We won't speak to those dastardly products that are chemical-based, products that strip the soil of its nutrients thus inhibiting the soil's ability to encourage the growth of healthy grass and, instead, encourage the presence of weeds and pests.  Gross!  We will, however, speak to the application of an environmentally, people and pet-friendly product such as ours.  Here are some guidelines to follow for the application of fertilizer: 

  • Apply at initial growth stage - Repeat midsummer or as required or desired
  • Apply after periods of drought 
  • Apply at end of season to increase resistance to winter kill and limit fungal growth
Easy, right?