Don't Devalue David's Dad: An Encouragement Regarding Spring


Do you know David's dad?  You know, the dad from the above viral YouTube clip called "David After Dentist"?  You may not know David's dad, but though he isn't in the spotlight in this video, his last words will certainly encourage you winter-weary folks (represented in this clip by David himself):

David: "Is this real life?!" (Translation: There is still so much snow out there!)

David: "I can't see anything!" (Translation: Is it really blizzarding in March?!)

David: "Why is this happening to me?!" (Translation: I am itching to get working in my yard, on my cottage, and in my fields!)

David: "Is this gonna be forever?!" (Translation: Hasn't the first day of spring already come and gone?!)

David's dad: "No, it won't be forever!" (Translation: Chin up, out there! Before you know it, you'll be soaking up the sunshine, fully immersed in the things that you remember loving from springs past.  Just don't be under-prepared for all of your outdoor needs!  Go shopping!)