If your eyes are a-stinging, our phone should be ringing!

Posted: Jul 15 2014


"If your eyes are a-stinging, our phone should be ringing!"

~Winston Rothschild III, The Red Green Show~

If you're not familiar with The Red Green Showyou should be!  Winston Rothschild III, the character on the far left of the photo, takes great pride in his aptly-named business, Winston Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services.  It has a ring to it, doesn't it?  Take a look at how he arrived at this business name here.  

There is, in fact, great power in a good business name, especially in a name through which one can tell what kind of product or service he or she will be getting.  Earth Smart Solutions.  Now there is another good name.  Check out the MSDS links on each one of our product's pages and see just how human, pet, and earth friendly each product is.  If you were attracted to this blog post because of its title, it wasn't just to lure you in; we can offer you practical help in the septic department, too!  The product you may be looking for is our Natural Septic Tank Treatment (ESTT).

True to its name, this product does the following naturally:


  • Controls methane production
  • Improves drain field percolation
  • Prevents sewer line blockage
  • Neutralizes detergent bleach 
  • Will not attack plastic of metal plumbing
  • Safer to use than harsh chemicals
  • Accelerates the degradation process
  • Degrades paper, grease, and vegetable waste

    With ESTT, you won't need the services of Winston Rothschild's Sewage and Septic Sucking Services, or a service like it, nearly as often.  Make a job that "sucks" a little more pleasant!

    To slightly modify what Winston said, before your eyes are stinging, contact us!


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