George Clooney on the Tomato

George Clooney on the Tomato

Let's play a word association game. Ready?  

Q: Salt.  

A: If you guessed "pepper," you're right!  

Q: Peanut butter.

A: Jelly.  Good work.

These are too easy, right? Let's try something more difficult.  

Q: George Clooney

A: Red carpet. Right.

Q: George Clooney

A: Red...tomatoes? Red killer tomatoes?! Still right :)  

Among Clooney's first gigs was his appearance in Return of the Killer Tomatoes (1988), sequel to it's 1978 predecessor--oops, precursor--Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, an American musical comedy. Yep, tomatoes and a musical, all wrapped up in one movie--no, two movies.  Does it get any better?!  If you're dubious, the trailer speaks for itself!  

As your thermometer may display abysmally low numbers, as you stand, wrapped in a blanket at your window, sipping at your favourite hot beverage, looking out at the frozen wasteland that is your back yard, the last thing that you think about is new life. Think, for a moment, though, about that glorious feeling that is spring--the warmth of the sunlight on your skin, a feeling you dismissed as one you might not ever feel again.  

Imagine stretching as though waking from the previous season's slumber, and smiling as you see your plants stretching from their subsoil stases. Remember that feeling? Remember that August when you wondered what your options were for lunch, and, after wandering out to the backyard you found that the tomato plant you'd been nurturing all spring and summer was bursting with life and juiciness? YUM!  

It's not too early to begin preparing for your spring planting routine.  Make sure this year's tomatoes are "killer"! Check out our Earth Smart Tomato Fertilizer (ESTF) and let us help.