How To Keep Your Pets Safe From Lawn Chemicals

How To Keep Your Pets Safe From Lawn Chemicals

Unbeknownst to many, the quest for the perfectly lush, emerald green lawn has been harmful to pets when chemicals are a part of the equation. 

Pets can absorb chemicals through their paws and can consume it by licking it off their skin/hair/fur. And, of course, some pets will actually eat the pesticide soaked grass. 

So, what if you're not willing to give up that perfect lawn but don't want your pets to suffer? You don't have to fence off your grass to stop your pet from basking in its temporary glory. The solution is as easy as acquiring your fertilizers, fungus controllers, and herbicides from Earth Smart Solutions.

Our full range of lawn care products is 100% pet-friendly.

Now your pets can enjoy that fairway-quality lawn just as much as you do.