Welcome to Earth Smart, an environmentally friendly solutions company!

Welcome to Earth Smart, an environmentally friendly solutions company!

After teaming up with EcoChem Inc. Earth Smart Solutions is proud and excited to launch our new website and blog!

At Earth Smart, our goal is to produce products and services that contribute to the movement toward self-regulation and voluntary compliance by offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions that can meet the specific needs associated with a sustainable environment.

With innovations based on science, Earth Smart products are not harmful to plants, animals, humans and have no adverse effect on the environment. We are committed to continuous product development using macro and micro nutrients, enzymes, carbohydrates and amino acids that will provide our customers with an innovative, premium product that will set the “responsible solution” standard for generations to come.

Our helpful staff welcomes your inquiries and are here to share their knowledge to provide detailed information and answers your questions and assist you in your decision to contribute to a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable environment.

Please feel free to contact us at info@earth-smart-solutions.com to inquire about our products or to provide us with any feedback you may have. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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