10 Items You Need to Clean Today!

10 Items You Need to Clean Today!

When it comes time to clean, many of us are routine oriented. Vacuum the floors and then mop hard surfaces, dust, wipe off obvious stains and marks, occasionally vacuum the baseboards, door frames, clean the fan in the bathroom, etc. etc. etc.

These routines and cleaning habits are definitely good ones. But, apparently (according to the internet), there are some items that many of us forget to clean regularly.

With the bathroom and kitchen being the germiest places in any house, our guess would be that the majority of forgotten items to clean would be in these rooms.

According to the internet, below is a list of 10 items in your home that, if not cleaned regularly, could potentially harbor more germs than a public toilet seat. Ugg!!! Not 100% sure we trust these sources but let this blog serve as a reminder of these important areas to clean regularly:

1. Kitchen Sponge:

Sponges used for washing dishes can harbor a high concentration of bacteria. Replace or wash regularly.

Dirty kitchen sponge

2. Kitchen Cutting Board:

Cutting boards, especially those used for raw meat, can accumulate bacteria and pose a risk of cross-contamination.

3. Dish Towels:

Towels used in the kitchen, especially if not changed frequently, can become breeding grounds for bacteria.

4. Kitchen Sink:

Kitchen sinks, particularly the drain and surrounding areas, can accumulate bacteria from food particles.

5. Reusable Shopping Bags:

Bags used for grocery shopping can harbor bacteria, especially if they are not regularly cleaned after carrying raw food items.

6. Cell Phone:

Mobile phones are constantly handled and can carry a significant amount of bacteria.

Cleaning cell phone

7. Toothbrush Holder:

The moist environment of a toothbrush holder provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

8. Bathroom Faucet Handles:

Faucet handles in bathrooms can be contaminated with various bacteria, including those from unwashed hands.

9. Computer Keyboard:

Keyboards can harbor bacteria and viruses, especially if they are not regularly cleaned and sanitized.

10. Remote Control:

TV remote controls often accumulate germs as they are frequently touched but are seldom cleaned.

Cleaning TV remote

Additional areas that people commonly forget to clean include:

Around Your Home

  • baseboards
  • door handles
  • trash cans
  • blinds
  • light switch
  • ceiling fans
  • light fixtures
  • walls
  • cabinets
  • doorframes
  • vents
  • picture frames


  • pillows
  • mattress


  • dishwasher
  • refrigerator (inside, under, outside)
  • garbage disposal
  • range fan

Laundry Room

  • washer
  • under appliances


  • shower curtains
  • toothbrush holder
  • behind the toilet


  • outdoor lights

Regular cleaning and proper hygiene practices can help minimize the risk of germs on these items. It's essential to incorporate cleaning routines into your household maintenance to maintain a healthy living environment.

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