• Anderson Humates - Black Gypsum DG - Lawn and Garden Formula

Anderson Humates - Black Gypsum DG - Lawn and Garden Formula


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Black Gypsum DG

Featuring the same dual carbon sources that make Humic DG unique, Black Gypsum DG is a unique bio-amendment that combines natural gypsum (calcium sulfate) and humic substances in one, homogenous prill.


  • Increases calcium and sulfur without changing soil pH
  • Enhances efficiency of applied and existing nutrients
  • Increases soil CEC and tilth
  • Reduces soil salinity
  • Reduces thatch and stalk residue

BENEFITS OF Humic Acids:

  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Increased drought tolerance
  • Aids in seed germination
  • Stimulates microbial activity which aids in root stimulation
  • Provides increased soil aeration
  • Lowers soil PH to more neutral levels
  • Flush out high levels of salt in the root zone

Containing a combination of gypsum, humate and humic acid precursor, Black Gypsum DG delivers calcium, sulfur and humate (a rich source of carbon) directly to the soil utilizing Anderson Humates dispersing granule (DG) technology. The gypsum found in Black Gypsum DG is naturally chelated, supplying calcium without changing soil pH, and adding sulfur where needed. Acting as a soil conditioner, gypsum loosens hard packed soils and enhances the flushing of harmful salts and excess sodium.

Like Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG contains dual carbon sources: humic acid precursor (plant based carbon) and humate (bio-organic based carbon). Humic acid precursor is transformed into humic and fulvic acids, helping to chelate nutrients in the soil. Humates works to prolong humic acid soil activity and to help stimulate soil microbes and biologic activity within the plant. Humates also act as a chelating agent for micronutrients, enhancing the utilization and efficiency of applied and existing nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus.

Upon contact with water, DG technology breaks down each Black Gypsum DG granule into thousands of micro particles. These micro particles self-incorporate into the soil, moving gypsum and humic acid directly into the plant root zone and providing immediate benefits to both the soil and plant.


Our gypsum source is calcium sulfate di-hydrate (CaSO4·2H2O), which, with two extra water molecules, is more water soluble than the anhydrite form (CaSO4). These extra molecules make calcium and sulfur more quickly available to the plant – as soon as Black Gypsum DG enters the soil solution. While a plant receiving the anhydrite form of calcium would be forced to wait days or weeks to take advantage of the applied nutrients, a plant receiving a Black Gypsum DG application begins to utilize the nutrients in hours, thanks to the di-hydrate calcium and our dispersing granule (DG) technology.

Black Gypsum DG delivers 21% humic acid delivered in every application. This humate is quick acting, and provides further chelation of applied and existing nutrients, increasing their availability to the plant.


Black Gypsum DG is OMRI listed certified organic. OMRI listed farm and garden products meet the true test of the USDA National Organic Standards, clearing rigorous reviews to guarantee the purity of additions to your soil. With additional strict limits on the presence of harmful heavy metals and pathogens, you won’t be adding these contaminants to your soil when you choose OMRI Listed products.

Furthermore, Black Gypsum DG is certified as an Organic Input Material (OIM) in the state of California.

Humic Acid Content: 21% (A&L Method)
Humic Acid Precursor Content: 10%
Total Humic Acid + Humic Acid Precursor: 31%
Plant Food: 12% Calcium, 8.9% Combined Sulfur, 48% Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate (Gypsum)
Bulk Density: 49 lbs/cu ft | 785 kg/cubic metre
Uniformity Index: 40+
Moisture: Less than 10%
Resistance to Attrition: 90

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