• Foliar Fertilizers

    Tuesday Mar 26 2019

    FOLIAR FERTILIZATION "Foliar fertilization" is any fertilizing substance applied in a liquid form. Modern foliar fertilizers are concentrated solutions using very high grade technical elements, in which the nitrogen (N),...

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  • Soil Nutrient Management Tips

    Wednesday Mar 13 2019

    The use of bio based fertilizers & seed treatment together with soil nutrient management is vital to any sustainable agriculture strategy. Plant nutrition is only one of more than fifty factors...

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  • Humic Acid and It's Amazing Benefits

    Thursday Jan 31 2019

    Earth Smart Solutions is the Western Canadian distributor for Andersons Humates and offers humic products for a variety of industries including agricultural and gardening purposes. “Humic and fulvic acids are the final break-down...

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  • Meet our Earth Smart Team!

    Thursday Dec 06 2018

    We recently held our annual sales meeting in Red Deer, Alberta.  We timed our meeting around our participation in Agri-Trade 2018, which many of our Sales Team were scheduled to...

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  • Septic System Maintenance Tips

    Monday Oct 01 2018

    One of the most common sewage disposal systems is a septic system. A typical septic system consists of a: septic tank - Generally, the septic tank is a two chamber concrete,...

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