• What Does Eco-Friendly Mean?

    Thursday Aug 22 2019

    At Earth Smart Solutions we pride ourselves on being eco-friendly. Eco-friendly is a buzzword that we all hear frequently with respect to shopping bags, straws, household cleaning products and other...

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  • What's the Biggest Stink that You've Tried to Eliminate?

    Wednesday Jul 17 2019

    Have you had a tough odour that you just couldn't get rid of no matter what you tried? We have been hearing from quite a few of our customers recently...

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  • Plant 2019 Inspire Seed Starter - Field Test Results

    Tuesday May 28 2019

    With Plant 2019 well underway, many of our clients are sharing photos of the results they are experiencing using our Inspire Seed Starter versus no treatment or other seed starters...

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  • Foliar Fertilizers

    Tuesday Mar 26 2019

    FOLIAR FERTILIZATION "Foliar fertilization" is any fertilizing substance applied in a liquid form. Modern foliar fertilizers are concentrated solutions using very high grade technical elements, in which the nitrogen (N),...

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  • Soil Nutrient Management Tips

    Wednesday Mar 13 2019

    The use of bio based fertilizers & seed treatment together with soil nutrient management is vital to any sustainable agriculture strategy. Plant nutrition is only one of more than fifty factors...

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  • Humic Acid and It's Amazing Benefits

    Thursday Jan 31 2019

    Earth Smart Solutions is the Western Canadian distributor for Andersons Humates and offers humic products for a variety of industries including agricultural and gardening purposes. “Humic and fulvic acids are the final break-down...

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  • Meet our Earth Smart Team!

    Thursday Dec 06 2018

    We recently held our annual sales meeting in Red Deer, Alberta.  We timed our meeting around our participation in Agri-Trade 2018, which many of our Sales Team were scheduled to...

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  • Septic System Maintenance Tips

    Monday Oct 01 2018

    One of the most common sewage disposal systems is a septic system. A typical septic system consists of a: septic tank - Generally, the septic tank is a two chamber concrete,...

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